3-Pocket Branch

Essentials At Your Fingertips

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Easy access to keys, glasses, cards. Move quickly from bag to bag. 

Do your keys end up at the bottom of your bag? What if, even in a full bag, finding them would be the EASIEST thing ever! 

Here's how Bag Branch will help you:

#1  Be more efficient. Structured accordion pockets sit toward the top of your bag allowing you to easily see and grab items inside.

#2  Feel more organized. Designed to hold glasses or phone, go-to cards, keys, headphones. Go-to items are together!

#3  Save time! Move quickly from bag to bag. Clip it from the strap, d-ring or handle. Works with any size bag! 


The pockets are perfectly sized for glasses, pens, go-to cards, keys.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Do not over stuff. Items should be snug inside.

Hang inside your bag from the strap, d-ring, handle. Adjust the loop to your desired height inside the bag.

When transferring to a small clutch lose the loop. Bag Branch will sit SNUGLY inside.

Use it as CHECKLIST. One quick look at it and you'll know if you're missing any of your go-to items.
Use it for TRAVEL! It fits a passport perfectly, making all those checkpoints a bit less stressful.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT! Lightweight and made from premium vegan leather. It gifts really well because it looks more expensive than it is. It’s sleek and stylish.


  • Pockets are lined and structured.
  • Accordion pockets stretch to about 5" wide.
  • Long pockets hold items like glasses, pens, passport and any size phone with case (extra bulky case will not fit.)
  • Short pockets hold items like cash, cards, lipgloss, earbuds.
  • Vegan leather, Lined
  •  4.5 W x 6.5 H
  • Removable keychain 8.5” L
  • Adjustable removable loop 6.5”L
  • Weight 5 oz

More Reasons to LOVE this:

#1 A tidy purse. This will reduce the clutter since small important items are no longer SCATTERED in your bag.

#2 Simplifies your routine. This is like a checklist. One look at your Bag Branch on your way out of the house and you’ll KNOW if you’ve got everything you absolutely NEED.

#3 Keeps items safe. Pockets are structured and lined which means your glasses, screens and all your essentials are safe!

#4 Less to carry. Ditch the heavy glasses cases. Less clutter AND less weight.

#5 Files items vertically. Experts like Marie Kondo say you should file items vertically in your bag so that you can easily see and grab the items you need! Genius!

Our Guarantee

Try it for 30 days. If you don't love it, it's okay! We'll take it back and send you a full refund. We make this promise because we've been testing prototypes since summer of 2017. Love it? Tag us @bagbranch for a chance to be featured.


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Naomi M. (Ensenada, MX)

I am happy to have found this. Thank you much

E.R. (Irving, US)
Nice accessory

What a nice accessory to organize totes and purses. I find it better than a cosmetic type bag. It’s tailored and smart looking.

Monica W. (Chesapeake, US)
Useful, but I wish the two parts connected more firmly.

I am finding the two larger pockets really helpful. My Galaxy S9 fits in one, and my sunglasses in the other. It is also worth noting that the smaller pockets are the perfect size to fit a COVID-19 vaccine card. This seems to be very well made and sturdy.

However- I hate that the smaller pockets aren't connected to the larger pockets. They "attach" by both of them being clipped onto the hangy strap. Because they're not actually connected, they twist around and it gets frustrating. I probably am going to just not use the smaller pockets and stick to the larger ones.

Product design suggestion: Add snaps to allow the smaller pockets to actually physically attach to the larger ones. Then they would still be removable, if desired, but stay in place better.

Donna W. (Winter Garden, US)

Best bag branch yet! Can take it anywhere! Love the size- fits all my essentials- iPhone, id, credit card, cash and lip gloss!

Anonymous (Omak, US)
Perfect fit

I love my Branch Bag, no more having to dig to the bottom of my purse looking for my pens and Chapstick. It even hold my eye glass case. Love all the extra little pockets that are great fir business cards and reminder notes.

Bag Branch out in the wild!